After returning from active military duty, I was fortunate to hone my photographic skills on the high speed circuit doing Formula One and other traditional professional racing venues.  This certainly taught me a lot about quick reactive photography and action shots.  Nature has no pause or repeat button.  In coming home to West Michigan, my focus switched to the ultimate object here: nature and the beauty of the place.  I like to say that “nature is the ultimate artist”.  My job is to catch as much of this beauty and have the “eyes to see it” in the everyday world I live in here at the beach.

Ottawa Beach and West Michigan beaches were once known as the Riviera of the Midwest.  The beauty of the white sandy beaches, the sand dune formations, the marvelous sunsets and the power of the inland sea are all contained in this theme.   More recently, we see dramatic foresails on beautiful sailboats, kite surfers and even the return of eagles among beautiful migratory and indigenous birds.

With so many beautiful objects around me, I am privileged to try and capture some of that beauty in my lenses and provide that to you.  When I decided to start this business, I felt it was right to give something back for the privilege of being in this place, so I began with the important notion of tithing back from the proceeds of the sale of these reflections of natural beauty.

So this is the purest beauty of Michigan in the form of limited edition prints or perhaps a sublimated tee shirt or handy items for the home or office like mouse pads, smart phone cases, coasters, cups, a decorative and functional trivet with tile and buffet plates.  Then too, I offer note cards suitable for framing to remind ourselves and our friends of the beauty of this place.

The sublimation process means to take a solid ink and convert it to a gas (by heat and pressure, we skip the second state of matter which is liquid). This allows us give photo quality reproduction on a variety of surfaces. It is not screen printing.  It is also not an iron on.  Sublimation is a permanent dye process you cannot feel on any surface.

All of our sublimated products are individually made here in West Michigan using original photography by BeachBumJoe.