From Grand Haven, the mecca of kite surfing and beach volleyball and international kite flying, the white sands of West Michigan beckon. Travel down the bluff-lined shores to Holland State Park and Ottawa beach. President Gerald Ford called this his "favorite beach in the world." Holland's world famous Big Red lighthouse calls to boaters of all persuasions, from the stand -up paddle board to the yachts. Holland Harbor's waters welcome all. The Today Show has judged the Ottawa Beach area to be in the top three most affordable vacation areas in the U.S.A .(let's not forget the spring opener of Tulip Time).

Then as we travel down the coastline to the nature preserves and artist colonies of Saugatuck and Douglas, we find more beauty and diversity. One more step down the West Michigan coastline brings us to the barrel-design Lighthouse of South Haven and its Blueberry fest and schooners. West Michigan has been called the "Riviera of the Mid West" and justly so. It is estimated 9 million people come to West Michigan every year. Beachbumjoe has captured a fraction of this for your pleasure.

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Many of the items we make use the dye sublimation process. Dry ice is an example of "sublimation", a solid going directly to it's gaseous state and bypassing the liquid phase. The normal progression is #1 solid #2 liquid #3 gas. By the application of the right amount of heat and pressure to special surfaces a penetrating dye process is the result.

Sublimated cups are microwave and dishwasher safe. Sublimated fabrics(shirts) take on a permanent almost photo quality image with no ridges. This will neither peel or crack or fall off. Our sublimated tiles used in a trivet are good up to over 400 degrees(a pan of boiling water may be about 212 degrees). In short dye sublimation allows a remarkably accurate transfer of our images to a variety of surfaces from shirts to smart phone cases.

Sublimation is so accurate that a sail reflection in the water is visible or a sun path in the water is shown with it's gradual color changes and the detail a butterfly's wing. Accurate original color and detail is our objective along with delivering a high quality unique and memorable product. Thank you for visiting beachbumjoe now come on in.

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